Your Guitar Remastered: Hear Every Note with Full-Bodied, Balanced Tone

Researched and developed in California, our strings were manufactured in USA until 2016 when we moved our manufacturing to China. We still continue to use American steel and other materials in all our strings.

Vibe Strings are crafted in small batches and dispatched to Amazon where they are in storage for the least possible time before they are shipped to our customers – so each set is fresh!

We promise that when you follow our care tips, Vibe Strings will deliver a bright tone with a crisp sound and fantastic playability. Our strings are easy to tune and they hold their tuning well, giving great sustain.

Here at Vibe Strings, we are very passionate about our strings.

Thanks for stopping by our website and we hope to see you here again soon.

Be sure to let us know what you think of our strings and any feedback you have is welcomed!

Regards, Fran, Co Founder – Vibe Strings